Welcome to East Coast Electroplating

East Coast Electroplating proprietary limited is a high capacity production plating facility with both rack plating and barrel plating facilities.  The processes we can offer are conventional blue and gold zinc plating and also two specialized products, Super zinc ™ and SA-5 ™.  We can plate parts up to 3.8m long x 500mm wide and 1200mm deep.

We also have Olive drab passivation and black zinc.  Zinc phosphate is available for ferrous and zinc parts.  We have a range of electroless nickel processes to offer, including high phosphorous 9-11%, mid phosphorous 5-7%, and P.T.F.E. inclusion.


Quality at East Coast Plating is paramount and you can be assured that we take all the steps necessary throughout the process to ensure the quality of the end product meets your needs.  Our motivated staff monitor your product at every stage of the process to ensure the job is done properly, the first time.  We plate to many different specifications on products destined for the local, national and international markets.

Super Zinc™ SA-5™

Super zinc ™ is a triple layered deposit and is the same colour as conventional blue zinc. 


Electroless Nickel

Our high phosphorous electroless nickel 9-11% has the properties of all electroless solutions; which for engineering purposes are far superior to electrolytic processes.