Electroless Nickel

Our high phosphorous electroless nickel 9-11% has the properties of all electroless solutions; which for engineering purposes are far superior to electrolytic processes. These include a completely uniform deposit that does not distort the shape of any item being plated. The solution also plates internal surfaces. Electroless nickel solutions provide a range of hardness 45-58HRC (500-700 HK100) in their as plated state, but can also be heat treated to increase that hardness to 900-1000HL100. Wear and abrasion resistance in the as plated and heat treated condition can be equal to hard chrome plating. The corrosion resistance of electroless nickel is probably it's most sought after quality. The higher phosphorous content deposits have better corrosion resistance than the medium or low phosphorous baths. Electroless nickel has application in the oil and gas, chemical mining and plastic, Hydraulic and pneumatic industries. The mid phosphorous electroless nickel produces a relatively bright deposit and has all the attributes of electroless processes. The P.T.F.E. inclusion electroless produces a smooth matt surface with superb lubricity. It has application in pneumatic and hydraulic valve actuators.